11 Items You Need In Your Diaper Bag At All Times

Almost as crucial as knowing what to pack in your hospital bag is knowing what to pack in your diaper bag. Yes of course diapers go in the diaper bag, but what else do you truly need?

You could put the entire Buy Buy Baby store in your bag, but in reality, you only need a handful of select items to be prepared for whatever baby throws at you when you’re out and about.

This may be parenting 101, but our most crucial tip if you don’t remember anything else from this post is ALWAYS TAKE YOUR DIAPER BAG WITH YOU.

Sure, it’s a quick 5 minute trip to the store, but in those 5 minutes your baby can turn the world upside down and you’ll want to be ready.

1. The Diaper Trinity – Diapers, Wipes, & Cream

You can forget everything else, but never forget the Trinity. You never want to be in a blow out situation without the essentials. Our rule of thumb is to keep 5 diapers, a pack of wipes, and a small travel size diaper rash cream in your bag at all times.

2. Doggy Bag

You may be asking why this is on the list, but there is no smell quite like the smell of your baby’s dirty diaper. While out and about and if you don’t have somewhere to throw away your diaper, simply tie it up in a doggy bag. This simple trick will buy you clean air breathing time until you find a trashcan.

You could spend a pretty penny buying diaper specific bags, but puppy poo bags will do trick and are half the cost. Plus you may already have some if Fluffy is running around your home.  

3. Extra Outfit (including socks)

It is amazing how a small baby can make a big mess. You’ve heard of the dreaded “blowout” and it seems to always happen at the most inopportune time. To make sure you don’t have a naked baby after one of these events, always keep an entire outfit in your diaper bag. This means pants, onesie, and even socks.

4. Diaper Changing Pad

When you and your babe are on the go you can easily make a diaper changing station wherever you are by simply laying down a portable diaper changing pad. This compactable pad will give you a clean space to change your babe. Clean up is easy too as you simply wipe up the pad, load it bag in your diaper bag, and off to the next store you go.

5. Nursing Cover

This one item can be used in so many ways even if you are not breastfeeding. Of course, like the name suggests, you always want a cover on hand in case your little one needs to eat while you are out.

A nursing cover can also be used as a great car seat cover or an emergency burp cloth. We suggest having a nursing cover dedicated to your diaper bag so you never leave home without it.

6. Feeding Supplies

What is worse than a crying baby? A hungry one! Before heading out the door make sure your bag is packed with snacks and necessary feeding supplies to keep your little one happy. From bottles or formula to cheerios make sure you are armed and ready when the hungry monster hits. Don’t forget to pack a snack for yourself too!

7. Pacifiers and More Pacifiers  

What could be worse than a meltdown when your little one is hungry? A meltdown when they lost their beloved pacifier. That cry is something unlike anything you’ll ever hear out of your babe.  We recommend stocking up on your babe’s favorite pacifier your. Buy out the entire aisle of BuyBuyBaby and keep a couple pacifiers in your bag at all times.

8. Hand Sanitizer Wipes

Germs live everywhere.  Wipe many of them away in a matter of seconds by having hand sanitizer wipes on standby. We recommend the wipes versus buying the bottle as the wipes allow you to easily clean everything from the grocery cart to your the toy that fell on the floor in Target.

9. Sun Protectant

Sometimes we forget how important it is to protect baby’s skin and eyes from the harmful rays of the sun. You never know when you may come across a park or a great opportunity to be outdoors so always keep a travel size of baby sunscreen and a pair of sunglasses in your bag.

Quick Tip: If you start putting sunglasses on your babe from a very young age (2 months on) they won’t fight or pull them off as they get older as they won’t know the difference.

10. All In One Toy

When you leave the house your baby may be peacefully sleeping, however, by the time you are halfway through grocery shopping they are wide awake and bored. Keep a special toy or two in your bag for moments when you are out and about. This way the toy is always exciting and will buy more time before boredom or hunger hits. Our advice is to find a toy that is chew-friendly in case they are teething, but is also engaging.

11. Burp Cloth

Spills, spit-ups, and drool happen all the time. A burp cloth is your versatile defense in cleaning up anything that may come out of your little one. Keeping one to two of these at all times ensures you can make clean up a breeze.


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