6 Essentials: Before Baby Arrives

Ladies, the weeks before baby arrives is such an exciting time!  I know you’re stressed about the actual birth (more on that later), the nursery, and wondering how big your belly is actually going to get (it ALWAYS gets bigger, trust me).  The good news is, newborns really don’t require much. However, here at Modern Maternity Leave, we’ve compiled a teenie tiny list of the things you should have on hand before baby gets here, so that you’re ready to rock once your little bundle finally arrives!  


Babywise by Gary Ezzo & Robert Bucknam

Let me cut to the chase, this book is an absolute life saver, game changer, & sleep miracle! Read this book before you have the baby, and be well versed in the general principle of eat, wake, sleep.  Mark the pages you think you’ll need, and keep it handy once baby arrives. You will not regret it.

My husband and I have used this on all 3 of our kiddos, and all 3 kids slept through the night by 6 weeks! 



Massive Mug with Lid, Straw, & Handle

Hydrate ladies!  Drinking plenty of fluids, especially water, is one of the best things you can do for yourself after (even before!) you give birth.  Let’s not even talk about the benefits of water when we aren’t nursing, but a nursing mom especially needs TONS of water! The best way to ensure you have plenty of water with you everywhere you go is to have a huge mug that can be taken everywhere you go.  

When you give birth, most hospitals will provide a standard water mug. As ugly as it is, the mug really is great. It’s so huge you rarely run out of water, the straw is great for drinking while you’re nursing or holding baby, and the handle gives you that extra bit when it’s juuuuust out of reach, or when you need to carry baby upstairs but need to bring some water too.  Seriously, the hospital mugs are great, the only downside is that they don’t do well in the dishwasher for very long and they aren’t very cute. As long as you have a massive mug with a lid, a straw, and a handle you’re all set for those 3am feedings!

Sleep Mask & Earplugs

Sexy, right? I never used a sleep mask before I became a mom.  I could sleep luxuriously anytime, anyplace! Post-babies, I need a little help drowning out the light and the noise.  Sleep masks are perfect for Mommas with newborns because as everyone knows: when the baby sleeps, you sleep, right? No problem at 2am, but 2pm might be a different story.  Pop on a sleep mask and you’re good to go! The earplugs come in handy when you’ve delegated baby duty to Daddy or Grandma, you’re off to get some shut eye, but just can’t filter out the sound of baby’s cry.  You know she’s being looked after, so pop in your earplugs, pull down your sleep mask and enjoy!

J.J. Cole Diaper Caddy

When we had our first daughter, we were lucky enough to have a friend recommend this diaper caddy. 3 years and 3 kids later, we now own 5 of these bad boys.  We keep them in each of the kids rooms, in our bathroom, and in the living room. We love these things. The handle is sturdy enough to travel around the house fully loaded with diapers and wipes.  Plus the drawer is great for stashing diaper cream, baby nail clippers, and a spare pacifier, because you never know.

Windi – The Gaspasser

No joke, if you don’t know about this thing you’re missing out!  Paige is a huge fan of The Windi and it helped so much with baby Pierce.  In a nutshell, the Windi is a totally natural, non-medicine & non-drops way to relieve a gassy baby.  We won’t rob of you of the laughs, check out how to use it here.

Photo Credit: Fridababy

A Plan 

We’re not talking about a birth plan, and we’re not suggesting you make a preconceived idea that you cling to about what birth, or bringing home baby should look and feel like.  We’re talking about reality… You’re going to need food and groceries, you’re going to need someone to care for your other kids, you’re going to need to level set with your partner on who will walk the dog.  Use your network and ask for help!

Your mother in law will wash your laundry & fold your panties (yup, we’ve been there).

Being realistic about life and having a loose plan to keep things running will take a ton off of your shoulders.  It feels like the world should stop when you bring a new human into it, and it does for the most beautiful moment, but then it keeps on spinning and it’s time to figure out how you and baby fold back into it.  Have a plan and you’ll rebound faster.


Ladies, have these things on hand before baby gets here.  Once baby arrives, you’ll be too sleep deprived to know what’s good for you.  Good news though, here at Modern Maternity Leave, we’ve got your back…


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  1. I have the diaper caddy too…and you’re right…they work great, and multiples make life so much easier!

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