Hi, I’m Lauren,

I’m a working mother of 3 under 4, coffee addict, and a sleep advocate with big dreams for myself and for all of my I-want-it-all mom friends!

On any given day, you’ll find me drinking coffee and reading up on how to get a toddler with food allergies to eat well-rounded meals or endlessly researching strategies to blend work and family life so that each week feels intentional and whole.

I genuinely want new moms and moms of little ones to know that they can have the career that fulfills them and the large family they dreamed of.

When I returned to work after the birth of our first child, I experienced an identity crisis as I was literally unable to put in the same amount of time and effort into the office while also being the mom I wanted to be. The struggle continued following my return to work after our second child was born.  During my third pregnancy, I knew there had to be a better way. I relentlessly researched and implemented strategies for pre, during, and post maternity leave. Ladies, I feel like I nailed it, and I returned to work gracefully.

I genuinely want to share these strategies with you as I want you to look back on your maternity leave (however long or short it is) remembering that it was beautiful, healthy and as restorative as possible to enable a smooth transition back to work.

If I can be that girlfriend in your life who’s done all the research and has all the tips to help you keep climbing while the world around you reminds you of an all too familiar narrative that a ‘good mom’ has to stay home… then I’ll call it a day.

Motherhood is hard, returning to work is a beast, but doing it gracefully isn’t impossible.