Hi, I’m Paige.

I am a “yes” person who genuinely believes you can have it all as I am a master family planner, avid goal setter, and firm believer that schedules and itineraries are your best friend.  Now that is not to say my life is perfect and I have everything figured out. Trust me being on Chapter 5 in my Fairy Tale I am still feeling a bit like Sleeping Beauty running on empty more days than most, but then I do have days where I feel like Mulan having the courage and strength to take on the world. Now you may be wondering what happened at the beginning of my tale (Chapters 1-4) so as the story goes “Once upon a time in a land far far away, also known as Paige single years” pretty sums up the beginning of my book. I kissed a lot of toads before I found my prince charming and traded in my Ariel carefree lifestyle when I become a wife and now mother.

More to come about my journeys in the far off distant land. Back to the present day.

From balancing home life with a husband who travels 4-5 days every week, keeping up a demanding work schedule, to struggling with fertility issues I have learned about my mental strength and grit on my road to becoming “mom”.

I understood early on in my marathon race to parenthood that everyone has a journey they go on and mine was one that was filled with lots of tears, many tests, amazing science, and a very tough pregnancy.  While it has been one of patience and determination there is not one thing I would change about it as now I am a mother to a beautiful 18-month-old boy who was conceived via IVF.

I have been through quite a few ups and downs on my journey to motherhood which have included moving across the country with an 8 week old, returning back to work at only 6 weeks postpartum, to deciding to leave behind a successful public relations career to take on my new title of “stay at home mom”, or as we refer to it at Modern Maternity Leave, “Chief Life Officer”, when my son turned 17 months.

I am here to bring honesty, comfort, laughter, and guidance as you go on your own unique path through maternity leave and return to life, whatever that may look like, after giving birth.

Pregnancy alone feels like running up a hill or two, maternity leave can seem like climbing a fourteener, and returning to life post-baby can bring the same feeling as if someone told you that you had to climb Mt. Everest. Now take a breath and remember “ I am not alone”.