Anatomy of A Simple Nursery: 4 Key Pieces You Really Need For A Minimalist Approach

Hey Mama, do you enjoy vacuuming?  How about dusting? Ever been a fan of polishing furniture?  No?  Then this minimalist nursery guide is for you!

I love scrolling through Instagram to see the beautiful nurseries other women have designed for their babies. Sometimes I even envy the dedication and drive to curate such a calm atmosphere for their little one.  But most days, when I see those gorgeous rooms all I see is dust, something else I have to clean, and an environment that baby will outgrow very quickly.

Towards the end of each of my 3 pregnancies, I had very little energy to dedicate to the nursery, so I had to think about how I could simplify my baby’s nursery.  After my baby was born, this thinking totally paid off as I had a room that was built for nursing, sleeping, changing, and cuddling. The room could do it all.

I didn’t feel the need to turn my  baby’s room into his/her own play area because we tended to play in other places.  Rather than adorn shelves with toys and books, we keep the nursery clean and play in shared spaces, like the living room, a play room, or our bedroom.  As my babies turn into toddlers with toddler beds and the ability to roam around somewhat unsupervised (thank goodness for video monitors), I’m thankful that I didn’t have to totally overhaul their space.

In our family, we opted for a minimalist nursery.  There are only 3 pieces of furniture and 1 diaper caddy in each room.  Yes, we have drapes and artwork but the majority of the nursery revolves around these 4 key pieces.


The Chair

The first year in baby’s nursery revolves around this chair.  This is the place you will rock your baby. This piece of furniture will also become your support system when it’s time to feed your baby.  This is the fabric that needs to last through spit ups, blowouts, and mommy spilling coffee because it’s 5 am and baby woke up early. You get the gist.  The most awesome chair components include a slipcover, an ottoman, a glider, and arms that are high enough to support mom holding baby. The chair is everything.  


The Crib

Ladies, there are some gorgeous cribs out there.  I have to admit that I get total crib envy when I see super cute nurseries with beautiful cribs for the little one.  But as a mom of 3, I can tell you that the crib moment is incredibly short-lived.

If budget is no concern, then buy the amazing heirloom piece that’s going to make all of us jealous!  But if budget is a concern, you’ll want to think about a few key things before you start shopping. Is baby safe?  Is baby comfortable? Is the crib convertible to a toddler bed? For our family, we purchased a crib from Ikea that could later be used as a toddler bed.


The Dresser/Changing Table

This piece of furniture gets a lot of activity.  If you can, I highly recommend using your baby’s dresser as a changing table.  It’s a 2 in 1! Again, this period of time is very short lived. It won’t be long till your toddler is too heavy or too long to place on the changing table and you opt to just change him on the floor.  

Some things to think about before making this purchase are: Can you see having this dresser in your baby’s room in 5 years? Is it large enough to hold plenty of clothes?  Is it heavy enough to pass the climbing toddler test? Can you fit a changing pad on top of it? If you found something that answered yes to all of your questions… Winner, winner!  You now have a combo dresser & changing table.


The Diaper Caddy

This is hands down the most important accessory of being a mom.  Why? Because a diaper caddy allows you to easily change baby no matter where you are in the house.   Buy 5 of these bad boys, put them in every room in your house and thank me later. The best diaper caddies contain a place for diapers, a place for wipes, a mat, and potentially a drawer.  Stash diaper cream, a booger sucker, and nail trimmers in the drawer. Never be in any room without diapers and wipes again!


That’s it!  Your minimalist nursery is ready to go  Now all you need is that adorable baby and you’re ready to rock this motherhood thing!

To all of our veteran moms, what’s a nursery item you can’t live without?

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