Boss Mom Interview: Ali Levine Shares Her Secrets To Growing Her Business While Becoming “Mom”

Mamas, we are excited to share with you a new series we are launching here on our blog. With many boss moms hustling to chase their dreams, while at the same time conquering motherhood, we wanted to share stories of the mompreneurs that we hope will both inspire and bring comfort in knowing we are all on the same journey together. 

We all gave birth. We all go through some type of maternity leave. We all struggle with what to do next which is why we are bringing you stories from mothers in all walks of life that share their tips and tricks with how they pursue their dreams while at the same time. 

Our first boss mom kicking off our series? The queen of styling, Ali Levine.

Before we jump into what an amazing boss mom you are and how you got there we want to know who is Ali Levine?

I am a spontaneous, passionate, loving, caring, obsessed with fashion, sassy and loud New York native! I moved to LA almost 9 years ago now to pursue a career in styling, fashion has always been my passion! I’ve worked on some of the biggest movies and television shows and under some of the biggest names in the business, styling and working in costume! From there I built a name and brand for myself and started appearing on national and local television segments as a fashion expert. After being on TV for quite a few years I ended up being cast in Bravo’s hit show “Stripped” where my real true personality had surfaced. This further launched my limelight TV personality.

All of that has led me down this path to becoming my own brand, an influencer, podcaster and now well-noted mama

How in the world have you found time to be a mom, have a successful styling business, launch a podcast, and we know we are forgetting other hats you wear!

First off, thank you so much for the kind words! Every day is a new challenge, and being a new mom I’m definitely no expert, but I’m learning to navigate motherhood and my career day by day! There are days I feel like I’m literally killing it and I get everything done and there are days where I am so tired I feel like I want to take a 6-month vacation! Motherhood has taught me that it’s truly ebbs and flows, and I have to prioritize on a whole new level now that I have my daughter, Amelia Rei. I’m learning to delegate more and trust more in others because raising a child takes a village.  

With all that you have going on what did maternity leave look like for you?

Haha! Maternity leave? Unfortunately, I didn’t get one. As a freelancer and someone who owns and runs their own business, I didn’t really have the option to take a leave. With that being said, I did emails and check-ins on clients while Amelia napped. I had to master the art of true multitasking while taking care of my little one. In retrospect, I wish I did give myself more time to sleep and rest while Amelia was sleeping. It’s so important for us as new moms to not deplete ourselves while sustaining a new life. 

Were there any moments during maternity leave you didn’t except? 

So since I didn’t get real maternity leave, I definitely didn’t expect to struggle as much as I did with self-care, managing my emotions, being triggered by things that didn’t normally affect me. Eventually going through post-partum depression was something I NEVER expected to go through in the first 6 months of motherhood. 

Have you experienced any challenges balancing growing your business and growing into your role as “mom”? If so what were they?

I feel like as I’ve grown as a new mom, so has my business. The changes I have seen in myself and my own growth is being reflected in all different parts of my business. I’ve gone through many transitions as a mom and I finally feel like being 15 months into this journey, I’m slowly finding my own rhythm. I’m grateful that when I started to transition in my life my career went along with me! 

What are your must-have new mom products? 

Some of my must-have mom products are

  • Luli.bebe diaper bag (fashionable and so functional) 
  • Nested Bean sleep sack (helps soothe Amelia to sleep)
  • Hylands teething pills 
  • Wellements teething oil (both organic) 
  • Mothers Bliss gripe water 
  • Grabease utensils 
  • Baby Wearing Products – BabyKtan and Lillebaby 
  • Yumi nutritional and delicious baby food for all developmental stages (the first 1,000 days) 
  • Baby Buddha – mobile hands-free breast pump
  • Scarlett and Michael – onesies – they have easy snaps on them 
  • and even snappable bibs!

Ali recently launched her new podcast Mommy Stripped Down With Ali Levine where she shares her raw emotions about motherhood, life, and much more.

Thank you, Ali, for being so open and for sharing some great tips when it comes to balancing motherhood while being a boss mom chasing many dreams at one time.  We also feel like we will be much more stylish mamas with your great list of favorite products that are functional while at the same time trendy.


Lauren + Paige

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