Make The Most of Your Maternity Wardrobe

Congrats Mamma!  That growing belly means your baby will be here sooner than you can say “Holy sh!t, I have nothing to wear!”.  Look no further! Here at Modern Maternity Leave, we have you covered! We’ve put together a list of maternity wardrobe tips that will get you all the way to the delivery room door.  


Tip #1 – Buy Multiples

Find a great non-see-through maternity legging or a shirt that makes you feel pregnant and not fat?  Buy multiples! The last thing you want right now is to be waddling around Target trying to find an inexpensive but cute pair of pants.  Find the item that works for you and buy at least 2!

Tip #2 – Cardigans Are Your Friend

Shout out to my working Moms, cardigans are a lifesaver at the office!  A chic cardigan layers well over any maternity shirt, and will dress up your most basic sleeveless tank.  If you run hot during your pregnancy, opt for a cardigan over a blazer, a cardigan will kick up the professional vibes without making you sweat.  Plus a cardigan will be a million times more comfortable than a confining jacket or blouse. Guess what, cardigans don’t have to be maternity, either!  I promise there is light at the end of this stretchy waistband tunnel and you will wear regular clothes again soon!

Tip #3 – Invest in Jeans

Jeans are my go to pregnancy bottoms.  Summer or winter, jeans made me feel great during all 3 of my pregnancies.  They lifted and tucked the parts of me that were starting to sag (hello booty),  they covered the swollen and cellulite riddled calves (yup, that can happen), and allowed me to feel cute and confident.  There’s a ton of maternity jean brands to choose from, my advice is to purchase a pair that’s well made since they’re going to get so much use.  

Tip #4 – Coordinate Colors

Since we’re going for the less-is-more thing, be sure that all of your colors work together.  If you like prints, be sure they pair well with the bottoms you choose. The bottoms should be a basic color for more mixing and matching opportunities.  Try to think in color schemes: blacks & tans, blues & whites, or all out prints. You get the gist!

Total Maternity Wardrobe Needs: Think Capsule Wardrobe for Pregnancies!

4 Pants

  • 2 Jeans: See above advice on purchasing jeans.  For versatility with flats, boots, and heels, I’d opt for straight or skinny over bootcut.  
  • 2 Other: Black slacks & linen or khaki pants.  Depending on your work situation, jeans all day might not do it.  In this scenario, I’d purchase a pair of skinny or straight black slacks.  If you’re in a more corporate environment, get another pair of slacks. If you have a more casual wardrobe try to find a lighter pair of pants, especially if the majority of your pregnancy is in the warmer months.  

6 Shirts

  • 3 Basic Tees: Depending on the season, get a sleeveless tank or a long sleeved shirt.  These should be like second skin, but thick enough to stand alone.
  • 3 Blouses: Maternity shirts with the fabric belt around the top of your belly are the best!  Let that belly pop out loud and proud! Get 3 beautiful tops that make you feel like the gorgeous maternity goddess you are! Ruffles are beautiful, but too many will leave you feeling frumpy and huge.  Wear these to the office, on your soon to be coveted date nights, and on the weekend.

2 ‘Covers’

  • Remember what I was saying about cardigans?  They work great on top of your basic tees or to layer up your blouse.  If you don’t feel too constricted, a blazer will do the trick too. If you’re the crunchy mamma type, a flowy wrap or kimono inspired shawl will look great!

Comfys: 2 pants & 4 shirts

  • Ahh the comfy clothes!  During my pregnancies my favorites were maternity leggings and a lightweight maternity shirt.  It’s highly likely that this was my lounging, sleeping, & weekend outfit.
  • Hint: Rather than purchasing both maternity leggings and maternity workout pants, get 2 pairs that work for both categories!

If you wear your pants multiple times, and do laundry once every 2ish weeks, then you’re all set!  Put that $$ you save not buying tons of maternity clothes into extra date nights with your husband, or into the remaining items on your baby registry.  


Ladies, have any other maternity wardrobe must haves?  We want to hear about it!! Use the comments section below to tell us about your go-to maternity item!


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