From balancing home life with a husband who travels 4-5 days every week, keeping up a demanding work schedule, to struggling with fertility issues I have learned about my mental strength and grit on my road to becoming “mom”. I am here to bring honesty, comfort, laughter, and guidance as you go on your own unique path through maternity leave and return to life, whatever that may look like, after giving birth.


With 3 kids under 4, the drive to lead in the corporate world, and maintain a passionate marriage, I've learned that the community of women you surround yourself with is only key to success. I've also learned that you can't have it all, but with some soul searching and focus you can have everything that matters to you. Let's work together to determine what 'it all' looks like for you, and welcome you into our community of high achieving women so we can all achieve our dreams.

Lauren C

Lauren is a stay-at-home, work-full-time, mama, trying to navigate the world of balance and taking you along on this journey. She has a Bachelor's of Art degree in Journalism from the University of Oklahoma. Lauren resides in the suburbs of Dallas, TX, with her husband, Billy, daughter, Dylan, and two dogs, Gus and Zoey. She works full-time from home as a marketing consultant. She lives off coffee, baby giggles, and peppermint candy.