The 30 Day Happiness Challenge

Every day there are moments of happiness. Some days you may take joy in those moments, but other days you may steamroll right over them categorizing the entire day as a “bad day”. By taking our 30 Day Happiness Challenge you will start to make happiness a habit. Before long you won’t have to actively think about it, but will naturally start doing the things that make you happy. 

Happiness Challenge Key Tips

Before you start our happiness challenge we want to share a few helpful ground rules:

  • Our daily happiness challenge can be used as a guide. If you want to change out the activity for something else, do it! This is to be a roadmap to get you started. 
  • Don’t let the bad days take away from your happy moments. Even if you had the #worstdayever we challenge you to still follow through on the activity for that day. We promise by doing so your #worstdayever will probably turn into a #semiokday. 

Happiness Challenge 

Now its time to get started! To begin pick a day to get started. This can be any day of the week you are ready to start. You can take as much or as little time as you need on each challenge, the important thing is to do them!

  1. Write down 3 things you are grateful for 
  2. Listen to your favorite song
  3. Learn 1 new interesting fact 
  4. Make dinner plans with a girlfriend
  5. Have a dance party with your kids
  6. Order takeout 
  7. Get a manicure 
  8. Smile at 3 people
  9. Give a random gift 
  10. Take a nap 
  11. Pick up fresh flowers 
  12. Plan a date night with your spouse
  13. Don’t complain 
  14. Have a glass of bubbly 
  15. Leave the office for lunch
  16. Get ice cream with your kiddos
  17. Call a friend 
  18.  Go for a walk 
  19. Bake your favorite dessert
  20. No social media day 
  21. Get a massage 
  22. Plan a family outing 
  23. Watch your favorite movie
  24. Go to bed 30 minutes early
  25. Take a hot shower (kid-free) 
  26. Put on a face mask 
  27. Buy a coffee for a co-worker 
  28. Try a new eyeshadow or lipstick 
  29. Call a family member
  30. Forgive someone

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