Top 5 Products for your Baby Registry

If you have ever walked into Buy Buy Baby one of the first feelings you have is “O my gosh do I really need all of this stuff to keep my baby alive?!”.  The short answer is no.

While there are many gadgets out there that are “nice to have” there are few that I have found truly life-changing.

Now remember just as every baby is different so are every mother’s experiences with baby items.

What works for some may not work for others. Please keep that in mind when reading my top “must haves” below.

Quick Tip #1:  Once you find something your baby loves buy multiples. Yep buy one in every color. Trust me it’s worth having a few of his favorite pacifiers or teething rings on standby when he’s screaming bloody murder because the cat chewed up his favorite pacifiers and he just wants to soothe himself.  

Ok now back to the list.

Like Oprah’s favorite things, these are my favorite things and actually useful items to consider for your registry.

How did I get to the list below? Through trial and error of every baby product known to man. I was the 2 a.m. Amazon Prime mom ordering every gadget possible to see what may work. 

Personal Note: None of the items below are paid placements. These truly are items that changed my world with my son Pierce.

Quick Tip #2: You will receive hundreds of cute baby outfits and items that you never even registered for. Don’t sweat the small things such as diapers and clothes. Use your registry for items that may be a bigger ticket item with a few smaller items sprinkled in. Family members and co-workers love to come together to purchase joint gifts so this is the perfect time to ask for items that may be a stretch for your budget alone.

The Full List

  1. The Snoo
  2. Windi by Fridababy
  3. Ergo 360 Carrier
  4. Joovy® Walker
  5. Baby Shusher

Now let’s dive a little deeper so I can explain why these are must-haves for your registry.

The Snoo

Sleep. You can’t put a price on it especially when you are a parent to a newborn. When our son Pierce was 6 weeks old and still not sleeping so we broke down and purchased the Snoo. It is the best investment we ever made and comes from one of my favorite pediatricians, Dr. Harvey Karp (Also the author of The Happiest Baby on the Block).

Now it’s not to say its a miracle worker, but its pretty close!

The motion and noise of the Snoo recreates what it was like for your babe to be in your womb so they feel right at home in their swaddled cocoon. The Snoo “hears” fussing and responds with the correct amount of white noise and motion to soothe your babe.

When we first saw the price tag it did give us a mini heartache. The good news is though that the Snoo can be used all the way up to 6 months of age. Plus you don’t need to worry about a crib or a bassinet as this magnificent invention does it all.

If you don’t feel like dropping a pretty penny all at once Snoo, just announced in January of this year (2019) that they now offer a rental program. This is a great alternative if you feel like you will just use it for one baby. However, if you see more little ones running around your house I would suggest to go ahead and purchase it.

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The Windi

What is kryptonite to a baby? Gas. It is the devil.  If you have a gassy baby you know you will do anything to help your little babe feel better. From tummy rubs to hundreds of bicycle kicks you try it all. 

We found with Pierce that no matter what we did, including gripe water and gas drops, at times nothing would bring him relief.

It wasn’t until one night at 8 pm he had been screaming with tummy pains for a good 30 minutes. That’s when I grabbed my purse and drove immediately to Buy Buy Baby.

 I wasn’t sure what I was looking for, but I knew if there was a solution it would be found at Buy Buy Baby.

I went through every aisle and found the Fridababy section of the store and saw this device called “Windi: The Gasspasser”. With a name like that, how could I not give it a try?  While I was checking out the clerk said “I haven’t seen these before. I hope it works for you” and boy was I hoping she was right.

The moment I got home I followed the easy to use instructions and boy was I not prepared for what happened next. When you see the device you may hesitate to use it. However, the relief it will bring your baby is worth more than anything you may be feeling. I sucked it up mamas and relief came a “flowing!” Yes, you read that right….flowing.

Not only did it relieve gas it let everything out that was keeping him upset.

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Ergo 360 Carrier

 There are many different kinds of carriers out there on the baby market. Wraps are wonderful for your babe to have skin to skin time not only with you but with daddy too.

However, I knew I wanted to a carrier that was one that would grow with our son as we are an active family and I was not interested in shelling out $100 bucks everytime I needed a new carrier.

When I started researching I came across the Ergo 360 All Positions Carrier.

I found that the Ergo 360 All Positions Carrier was just the solution I was looking for as it is specifically designed to be hip-healthy for newborns (I did have to purchase an infant insert but well worth it for peace of mind) and I am still using it today with Pierce being 20 months old (and I can use it up until he is 45 lbs).

The carrier gives you the options to face forward or you can place him on your hip or back when their heads are a little sturdier so they can start to explore their new world.

I love the versatility of this carrier and started using it when Pierce was just 2 weeks old. My husband also enjoys wearing it as well on our hikes and when we are out and about exploring new places.

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 Now I don’t know if your little babe will be like Pierce as he was ready to move the moment he came out of the womb.

Right before he was 10 months old he so desperately kept trying to walk. He was getting so frustrated when he would pull himself up, let go, and then try to take a step right before gravity pulled him back down.

I saw one of my girlfriend’s sons (who is just 6 days younger than Pierce) had this amazing invention that left her son run freely around the house while learning to use his legs, feet and encourages his curiosity. She told me it was a walker/high chair combination by Joovy® so of course, I immediately ordered it off Amazon.

The first day I put Pierce in it he was a bit skeptical. Once though he felt his bare feet on the floor and realized he was in control of his own movement he was beyond excited. The large tray on the front of the walker makes it a great location for your little babe to have snack time while exploring their new-found freedom.

It also makes a safe play area if you need to be in the kitchen washing dishes. Your little one can have their books, blocks, etc. right in front of them without you having to worry about what they will get into.

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Baby Shusher

 The one things we NEVER leave home without? Our shusher.

It is another genius invention same pediatrician that I refer to above (Dr. Harvey Karp) who invented the Snoo and is the author of The Happiest Baby on the Block (and I promise I have no affiliation to Dr. Havery Karp! He is a true baby whisperer).

Based on his teaching in his book the Baby Shusher stops your little babe from crying. It does this by tapping into the natural reflex of your babe, shushing.  

The shushing technique has been around for years and yes while you can shush until your heart is content, this device allows you to quickly adjust the volume of shushing based on how upset your babe is.

The first time I had it on full blast I was like “O my gosh this is going to cause Pierce to be deaf”. Then I read that the highest decibel that the Baby Shusher puts out is no higher than what they heard being in your belly 24 hours a day so it is safe to use and has a timer.

This was one device I was hesitant to us at first. The moment Pierce had his first meltdown though inside Target t only a couple of weeks old, I pulled this sucker out and watch the magic unfold.

It truly is remarkable how this device channels the calm in your little babe.  While you might ba e skeptic now, trust me, put this on your registry list and NEVER leave home without it.

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