Weekly Challenge: How To Make A Vision Board To Achieve Your Goals

One of the best ways to remind yourself where your time and energy should be spent is by making a vision board out of your goals. It is a creative process that allows you to visually see what you are working towards. Doing this the old school way – without Pinterest- will allow you to connect more personally with your goal than by doing it digitally.  

Ready to take on this week’s challenge? Time to bring your goals to life and make your vision board! 

Step 1 

Time to gather the supplies. While your working on gathering the below think of an interruption-free zone you can head to for about an hour to do this exercise: 

  • A board (poster board, corkboard, your choice)
  • Double-sided tape, glue stick, or push pins 
  • Scissors
  • Magazines + any other photos or printed quotes that inspire you
  • Your goals 

Step 2 

Now the fun part. To begin, take the goals you have crafted for your life and write them down on a piece of paper. Then take that sheet of paper and glue (pin or tape) it to the middle of the board. 

The goals are the core of what you want to become which is why we want you to place them in the center to help bring the focus back to what’s of meaning to you.

Time to put on your creative hat and to comb through your magazines, photos, and quotes to find images that remind you of your goals. 

These images can be the literal meaning of your goal such as if you have the goal to read one new book a month, then you can find a photo of a book or someone reading a book and add that to your board. Or they can be more abstract where you find a photo of something you have been wanting to learn and read more about such as finance and cut out a picture of a piggy bank.

 The beauty is there is no wrong way to do this. 

This is your board and should contain images that remind you of your goals.

Take 20 minutes or so and just be inspired. Cut out anything you feel relates or reminds you of your goals. 

Step 3 

Get ready to feel the excitement! There is something so inspiring about taking words and turning them into photos of things we hope to achieve! 

The final step is to build out your vision board.

Taking the stack of images and quotes you found, start to layer them onto your board. Remember it doesn’t have to be neat and perfect.

You decided on your goals and you get to decide on how to design your vision board. 

Once you have attached everything to your board, put it somewhere you can see it daily. A great place for this is in your closet where let’s be honest we all spend a good couple minutes every day. We suggest taking a quick peek at your board every morning so that you always have what you are working towards on the top of your mind. 

That’s it! You are one step closer to achieving your goals. You got this mama!

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