Welcome To Motherhood. It’s Tough, But So Are You

Hey Mamma!  We’re so, incredibly glad that you are here.

When we set out on this adventure we were thinking of you… You, the first time mom.  You, the experienced mamma who wanted to have a more intentional maternity leave the second time around.  You, the ambitious lady who wants to rock motherhood the way she rocks everything else.

Personally, we love to coach moms on ways to design their dream mom-life and to empower one another through our own motherhood journeys.  At Modern Maternity Leave, we are passionate about planning for maternity leave, cherishing those first few months with baby, and transitioning into whatever the new normal looks like!

We want for you to feel welcome and celebrated here.  We want for you to feel as if you have a resource to answer any of your toughest questions, to make you laugh.  

Motherhood is tough, but so are you.


Lauren & Paige

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